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“Will to change” truly brings out the nature of Agnieszka Wolańska and her downright natural talent to see the need for change, the ability to design, and then carry it out successfully. I had the pleasure of working with Agnieszka first as the CEO of Opoczno S.A., and then in the years 2007-2014 as the CEO of Netia S.A. In both those companies, together we implemented substantial changes to the organisational cultures, the management system, structures and processes. The role of Agnieszka as the HR director, but, what is probably more important, a real business partner and advisor, was essential in carrying out those changes. The ability to act with determination and toughness, while at the same time caring about people, their development and about assessing them objectively are very difficult to combine, but Agnieszka is always able to achieve it. Agnieszka Wolańska can be a true guarantor of a successfully performed change.

Mirosław Godlewski
CEO / Netia S.A. 2007-2014

Netia's success in acquiring and integrating over 50 companies would not have been possible without Agnieszka Wolanska's extraordinary hard and soft HR skills. The majority of M&A's around the world fail on account of not taking into account the soft HR skills which help personnel in both the acquiring and acquired company to come to terms with the new reality of a combined entity. Agnieszka has been able to build a system that allowed us to minimise the down sides on large acquisitions and to motivate all to deliver more synergies than were orginally planned. This is just one example of how Agnieszka is an excellent choice whenever big changes are afoot.

Tom Ruhan
Management Board Member Netia S.A. 2003-2014 /

Agnieszka is a manager of vast competence. On one side the great knowledge of HR and on the other immeasurably close to business. She is a true leader of change. If she saw, that an area is not working effectively, she directly influenced its manager and took action in her own area, aiming for the betterment of the situation. Thanks to Agnieszka’s openness and her high competence, during barely 45 days after my joining the organisation, I carried out the reorganisation of the commercial area switching from functional to the BU structure. A process this efficient, from the decision towards the change, with a new leader, and with people who knew each other, but had never worked together before, is something I had never encountered before. Agnieszka has her own opinion and stands for it, but at the same time she’s open to dialogue and a different approach. Such attitude is beneficial for both sides. I congratulate and envy those managers, who will have the chance to work with Agnieszka.

Tomasz Szopa
Management Board Member, Individual Clients BU Managing Director / Netia S.A.